Our Wills department provides clear and sympathetic advice to individuals and families. We understand making plans for your financial security and that of your family is paramount, with the wish to ensure the protection and passing on of your wealth to your loved ones.

We also appreciate the dilemmas and issues you face following the death of a close relative or friend which can be a very distressing and unstable time in your life.

We at Signature Law LLP understand the sensitive issues that surround the preparation and documentation of your wishes in a Will or in circumstances where you have more complex financial matters to resolve and manage in the longer term. Our solicitors will provide you with expert guidance throughout your matter, helping you to consider your options and make decisions you can feel confident about in a cost effective manner.

In addition, we can prepare general forms of Lasting Powers of Attorney where it is necessary to appoint someone to handle and/or manage your affairs on a temporary or longer term basis.

Inheritance Act Claims

Currently, under the UK Inheritance Act 1975, legal protection is available for spouses, children and other dependants where a person has died without leaving sufficient money for their continued wellbeing.

The factors that the English Court must by law consider when dealing with Inheritance Act claims include:

  • The financial needs of the person making the claim
  • The financial needs of any beneficiary of the estate in question has
  • Any responsibilities the deceased had in regards to the person making the claim, or towards any beneficiary of their estate
  • The size and contents (eg. properties, assets) of the deceased’s estate
  • Any disability (either mental or physical) of the person making the claim, or any beneficiary of the estate
  • Any other issues, such as the conduct of the person making the claim, or any other person involved, which the Court may deem as relevant to the case

If you are considering a claim under the Inheritance Act, it is essential that you seek specialist advice at the earliest opportunity. Remember, Inheritance Act claims must be brought within 6 months of the grant of representation to the estate. If you have already left it too long we may still be able to help, as long as you act quickly.